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Birkenstock - Arizona - Suede (Unisex) (Taupe Suede) Sandals

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Please be advised that the Birkenstock® Narrow width accommodates both traditional narrow and medium widths. ; for Birkenstock, Arizona - Suede (Unisex), N51463/R51461, Men's Casual Sandals Sandals, Comfort, Casual Sandal, Open Footwear, Footwear, Shoes, Gift, zappos,, information about Birkenstock's widths. ; Understanding Widths: The Regular icon (outlined foot) ...
Birkenstock, Arizona - Suede (Unisex), N51463/R51461, Men's Casual Sandals Sandals, Comfort, Casual Sandal, Open Footwear, Footwear, Shoes, Gift, zappos,,

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